The Old Hedgehog: Alarm Clocks and Fallenness

We know that our old self was crucified with Him in order that the body of sin might be brought to nothing, so that we would no longer be enslaved to sin.

Romans 6:6, ESV

Exactly when it started I don’t know, but between my last year of college and first couple years of graduate school I slid slowly from morning person to midnight-oil burner. Taking on far too much work at the beginning of grad school certainly accelerated things, but it was the accumulation of just slightly more, ever-later social events that pushed me to the near-nocturnal. And by that point the state was self-sustaining: staying up late meant sleeping late – or not getting enough sleep, and I tend to oversleep greatly the next day if I cut my sleep short. And while some people can adjust accordingly to a late sleep schedule and otherwise function normally, I could not: the solitude of my office and the rest of the building and the darkness outside were too-strong mental cues that worktime was over. Without visible pressure to work, it was easy to feel like I could get away with not doing so – especially with the motivation-sapping effect of research at its most powerful (I’m a theorist). So as any reasonable person with a guilt factory in his mind would do, I went to the laziest possible solution: the alarm clock. This is the story of that solution – a story of creativity, country music, and the unexpected twists of the crooked timber of humanity.

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